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Frequently Asked Questions
Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.
Where Afrusch based?
Our headquarter is in UK, representatives in Russia, Ukraine, China, Poland and Kazakhstan, Congo, Nigeria and South Africa.
How do I make an enquiry?
All initial enquiries must go through our UK office. Use or call +44 740444 3772
Which market sector does Afrusch cover?
We deal with raw materials, minerals, Agro-commodities, fruits; Finished products like Agro machinery, plants and heavy industrial equipment. We cover many more sectors ..please just register your enquiry and we respond with a yes or no answer.
What is Afrusch fees?
Afrusch fees are in commissions or one off fees.
Does Afrusch offer shipping services?
No. We can provide advice on shipping matters.