Frequently Asked Questions
Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q. What is a Section Drawing?
A. Section drawing shows a view of a building as if it was sliced in half or cut along another imaginary plane.
Q. If I decide that I will need additional drawings at a later stage, will you need to come back for another survey?
A. We will be able to produce the additional drawings of all areas that we have surveyed without the need to re-visit the property.
Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We are based in London but have work on projects across the U.K.
There is no project that is too far for us.
Q. What is a Elevation Drawing?
A. An elevation drawing is a drawing that shows external side of the building.
Q. How much is a building measured survey?
A. The price of a building measured survey depends on the following factors:
- Size of the property
- Number of floors & amount of rooms per each floor
- Number and types of drawings required
- Complexity of the building internally and externally
As the result there is no one price for all surveys. The measured survey cost can be between £275 to £1000+
Q. How long will the survey take?
A. Most of our surveys are completed within 4 hours.
Q. What is Point Cloud and how will it benefit me?
Main advantages that Point Cloud will give you:

1. Save time & money - Site visits can now be reduced to the minimum thanks to the possibility of virtual tours and 360 Trueview imagery.

2. Accuracy - The accuracy of all measurements is +- 2mm

3. No human error - Our Faro x130 3D Laser scanner captures all measurements in 360 by 300 degrees in the range of 130 metres, leaving it no chance for a human error.

4. Extraction of any measurements - Any measurements, areas or even angles can be extracted from the point cloud in several clicks. You can even extract measurements directly from 360 images as they are linked to the point cloud.
Q. Is it hard to view the Point Cloud that you offer with every package?
A. You would need to install Autodesk ReCap on your computer (currently only supports Windows OS) Once that is done, you just go ahead and open the file. There are only a few buttons on ReCap, so it is very straightforward to use. If you will have any questions however, then just give us a call and we will guide you through the process.
Q. Can I get 2D drawings without Scan + 3D Point Cloud?
A. Yes & No - We can provide you with just 2D DWG drawings. However, we use 3D laser scanning as a method of surveying. Therefore Point Cloud is offered free of charge with every package we offer.
Q. Can you work overnight?
A. Yes, this is possible
Q. What software do you work with?
A. AutoCAD, Revit, Faro Scene, Autodesk ReCap
Q. What tools do you use to do your survey?
A. We use Faro x130 3D laser scanner.
Why Use 3D Laser Scanning Measured Survey?
Measurements that could take a group of people weeks to capture manually, can now be done in a matter of hours. Accuracy of data to the millimetre.
3D laser scanning technology allows us to get complete geometric information about an object in the form of POINT CLOUD
- highly accurate digital record of any object or space.
- with an ability to measure any object. Analyse data remotely without the need for physical site visits.
The scans allow you to get accurate drawings of floor plans, site plans, section drawings and elevations. Data can be presented in both 2D and 3D views.
Contactless data capture makes 3D Laser measurement survey scanning the only solution for tender environments.