What Are Measured Building Surveys?
Measured building surveys offer complete analysis of a given space or area. These surveys are useful when calculating space needed in specific design projects. For example, you may take up a measured building survey when you need to embellish or improve an initial plan, and before you head to the full construction phases. Measured building surveys make use of 3D laser scanning to map points onto a physical area, and to derive hyper-specific and accurate results. Previously, architects and designers have relied on paper blueprints and less advanced models for analysis. However, detailed reports are now the standard through 3D laser scans and services. Measured surveys can come in useful when you need to scan an area for renovation, refurbishment, or for installing new fixtures and fittings.
Measured building surveys are also useful for offering greater confidence to clients and end users. For example, a new homeowner will likely benefit from seeing what their home looks like in full 360 before moving on with a project. Flexible files in the form of CAD and BIM, derived from 3D laser scans, will enable users to take a closer look at what the finished result will appear like when all is said and done. Flexible files and drawings will be easy to use across a variety of different software standards and suites. This means that architects and project managers can work carefully with project end users to ensure ideal, bespoke demands always come to fruition. It is crucial to keep on target.
Measured surveys use state of the art equipment to ensure for complete accuracy. Thanks to 3D laser scanning and additional tools and software, users will be able to rely on more accurate data. This means that there is negligible room for error. Human error can be costly for projects of all sizes, meaning it's important to retain as much accuracy as physically possible. Surveying may need to portion or section out depending on the size and shape of your area. Measured surveyors may use GPS to carefully geo-map specifics about the area scanning up, and what's more, they will also use leading technology to scan hard to reach areas.
Full measured surveys may vary from project to project. However, you can expect these surveys to capture as much detail as possible about given spaces and zones, saving you the need to measure everything by hand. These surveys are useful for taking into account floor plans and levels, and for ensuring that your end users and recipients benefit from a clear view into what the final project and product will look like. Rather than rely on guesswork, a measured building survey is key to looking for potential issues, and for ensuring that designers and builders can carefully plan for features in a practical and realistic manner. Much money and time can be lost to under-planning and incorrectly measuring an area for development. Therefore, it makes logical sense to take on a hyper-precise and reliable scanning service to fully survey your space.